USS Sabalo  SS-302

Launching 4 June 1944

and Commissioning
19 June 1945
Album #01   These images are all scans of photocopies, and although retouching and enhancement has been done the quality is not that sharp.

Launching 4 June 1944 (2)
Launnching 4 June 1944
[Scan of photocopy from Temple Univ. Lib. (140K)
 Upon close examination of the plaque on the nose you will note that her name was misspelled "Sabolo".  Also note the number painted on the forward superstructure is "557".  The is the production hull number.  Cramp shipyard was founded in 1825.  Sabalo was the 557th ship that Cramp contracted to build. Cramp was originally  under contract for 21 boats, but nine were cancelled when it was obvious that they would not be needed for the war.
Down the Ways 4 June 1944

submitted by Earl Kelly
Sabalo at Philadelphia 1945
{Stacks of the Philadelphia Power Company can be seen in the background right.  Note the gun configuration.]
Another copy of same scene without paper folds removed

Various copies of this view in possession of Earl Kelly, Charley Odom, and Cliff Murr

wardrm '45
Sabalo Crew at Commisioning 1945

submitted by Earl Kelly
Commisioning Party - Cutting the Cake (313K)
l-r: Ens. Andre Anderson; Ltjg James Murphy; Ltjg Perry Martin; Ens. Charles Priest; Lcdr James Andrews; Shirley Andrews(wife); Ltjg Pierce Smith; Ltjg Charles Godsell; Lt William Budding.
Photo submitted by Earl Kelly; identification provided by Wm. Budding
Officers at Commissioning 1945
Standing l-r: Pearce Smith, Wm. Budding, James Andrews, Chas, Goodsell, James Murphy. Kneeling l-r: Perry Martin, Wm. Buckbee, Andre Anderson, Charles Priest.  ID by Budding and others.

The Commissioning Crew List from the reverse side of the Commisioning Party Program
[982K file size needed for readability]
submitted by Earl Kelly
Commissioning Party Program & Guest Invitation
from Earl Kelly S1/c to Miss Eleanor Crosser
[708K file size needed for readability]

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