USS Sabalo Reunion
Peoria, IL on 13 & 14 Sep 2001

There were 27 men who had made final confirmation that they would attend.  Of these, 7 were unable to make it because of air transportation problems due to the terrorist attacks and events of 11 Sept.  There were two additional men who showed up that were not on the preconfirmed list.  We had a total of 21 men and 16 wives attend on either the 13th or 14th or both, and one man who tried his hardest to be with us, but arrived late, story below.††

We had two oversized ajoining rooms overlooking the pool.  Activities were limited due to the 9/11 events overshadowing the emotions of the week.  We called around to some local restaurants and found one which would accomodate our group of nearly 40.. We ordered off the menu, so everyone had full choice of food and drinks.  We vowed to do it again with more planning.

John Baker  +wifeKaren
John Belew
Ray Boswell+wife
Richard Camper
Dave Follo
   +wife Fumiko
Keenis Fugate
   +wife Jean
Jack Jarvies
   +wife Rose
Ken Lasswell
   +wife Juanita
Don Longenecker
   +wife Lou
Harold Losby
   +wife Shirley
Charley Odom††
Jeff Owens
Roy Owens+wife Bonnie
John Patrick+wife Linda
"Mike" Powell+wifeLorraine
Bob L. Petty+wifeCarolyn
C.M. "Mick" Ray
   +wife Carol
Robert Schreurs
   +wife Shirley
Vernon Shaw
James Way+wife Marie
Gene Williams*
John Woods+wife
Sorry I forgot to write all the wives' names down, and memory is weak.

††None of you got to meet Charley Odom.  He is 88 years old (previously I miscalculated him as 92); has only one good eye, and doesn't drive.  He started on his journey to Peoria from Knoxville, TN.  Because of the events of Tuesday, 9/11 he spent two nights in the Nashville Airport hoping to finally get a flight.  When it became clear that no planes would be flying he took a bus which dictated a change in Indianapolis.  Missing a connection to Peoria by two hours, he was forced to spend another uncomfortable night at the bus station.  He finally arrived during the afternoon on Friday, but was exhausted and went to bed. On Saturday morning I was not in any particular hurry, and caught an extra hour and a half sleep myself, even though I had planned a fairly early departure.  Charley knocked on my door not too many minutes before I would have been gone.  He and I talked about his experiences for over two hours.  He gave me copies of some early photos of Sabalo.  I sure am glad I didn't miss him.  He was looking forward to the Saturday evening banquet.  I met him again as I boarded the elevator with my luggage cart to depart.  He reported that he had found a "dancing partner" for the banquet.  (His wife died when he was 79, and he took up ball-room dancing later to keep active.) -- Figures a Sabalo sailor could find a girl in a strange town!  I sure hope he had a great time.  What determination he showed in making it to Peoria!! [Charley is an original plankowner and was on the boat during the full period it was in commission the first time 1944-46.]

*Gene Williams signed the log books in the reception area, but did not made it up to the suite.
   Please send some photos. I didn't take very many.

SOUVENIRS: I had souvenir shot glasses to give out to each person who attended in Peoria. Unfortunately, I temporarily forgot to pass them out until the last minute, and a few men missed out.  They have dolphins on them and "USS Sabalo  SS-302" "Peoria 2001 Reunion".  There were also some navy colored golf shirts with dolphins and "USS Sabalo SS-302" on them for sale.

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