12-14 November, Las Vegas, Nevada,  Flamingo Hotel and Casino

Hospitality suite: 
We had a “Metropolitan Suite”, the biggest suites in the hotel with
two large bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a large parlor.  The room was stocked with snacks & chips, beer, wine, booze, water, etc. - THANKS to Art Clement, now living in Vegas, who did the shopping and got some good deals at Costco for the supplies.   And Caroll Ray made a beer run and donated two cases of beer to keep us from going thirsty at the end.
     As in the past, there was laptop computers for viewing the Sabalo photo collection and other information that is available as computer files. Most in attendance were more interested in conversing with others to get acquainted or reacquainted and swapping stories.

Banquet: Wednesday 13 November -- We gathered from 6-6:45 at the Sin City Brewery location in the Flamingo, and then proceeded with the Sabalo crowd to the Paradise Garden Buffet at 7PM. 
Although The banquet time was arranged to extend until 9:30, many adjourned to the hospitality suite a little earlier. In addition to the food offerings of the buffet, we had unlimited Miller Lite, Coors Lite (a lot of which was carried off to restock the suite), House Champagne, House Wine and Bloody Marys. In addition to the wide spread offerings of the buffet, we enjoyed the beautiful setting with the seating located along the buffet’s big glass wall which looks out to the garden and water features with flamingos, Koi, hummingbirds, ducks, and waterfalls in a lush setting of palm trees and numerous kind of greenery.

GOLF OUTING - CANCELLED Wednesday morning 13 Nov - The trip to the Nellis AFB course was cancelled due to our sponsor who arranged to get us on base having a personal schedule conflict. and the loss of our transportation by John Wade who had to return home early due to illness of his wife.

'PHONE-A-THON' - which had a goal of finding some more Sabalo vets.  These efforts were limited and curtailed by the heavy activity in our hospitality suite which made it hard to concentrate on the project.  Some calls were made by two individuals, and we were able to add four more men to our roster of 'found' Sabalo vets. Volunteers: Will Kaefer; Chris Witzel

Comments from Jeff Owens:

Room Check - In:   Although we had arranged for the group to have "V.I.P." check in privileges, there were numerous snafus with the process, and the recognition of our group as holding a 'reunion' there.  It was not the fault of the arrangements, but the hotel dropped the ball on numerous times in informing people where we were, and in identifying us to the banquet personnel at the buffet as to what the arrangements were to be.  The Flamingo gets a D-minus on hosting military reunions.  I think Ron Gorence & I will agree on that.  We do hope all were able to enjoy whatever else Vegas has to offer.

Hospitality suite:  Our “Metropolitan Suite”, one of the biggest suites in the hotel, was cramped even though we arranged for extra seating.  Part of this situation was necessitated by the late reservations received.  We had planned for 30-35 and the great turnout toward the last necessitated 'squeezing in' - something submariners know well. Some apologies are necessary because there may have been some who were turned off by the level of smoking.  We wanted to accommodate all, but it may have turned out that the smokers needed to have a separate area.

Next One?:  Many suggestions were offered for the next one as to location.  Please communicate any suggestions or desires.


2013 ATTENDEES Ron Gorence '66-70
& g-son Martin
Jeff Owens '67-69
Joe Bates & Marsha '59-62
Mike Elzinga & Connie '59-61 Tom Wilhelm  '68-70
Bill Towery '66-69
John Patrick & Linda '67-69
Frank McCoy & Pat '67
Will Kaefer & Mary '68-70 John Wade & Victoria '68-69 Pete Ouellette '63-69
Mark Sutherland '68-71 Roy Owens & Bonnie '66-68
Charles Tucker '59-63
Joe Roberts & Sharon '52-53
Ted Kistner & son Jack '54-55 Don Andresen & Anne '68-69
Mick Ray & Caroll '66-69 Harold Losby & Shirley '65-70
Bob McKnight & Lisa '67-71
Art Clement '59-62
Jim Braun '58-62
Ron 'Frenchy' Leblanc & Claudia '65-68
Bill & Sandra Carstensen '55-59
Peter Lary '68-69 Terry Bolen & Carol '70
Andre Giacomelli & Jean '53-54
Ron Foster & Nance '57-59
Jim Potts & Laura '58-60 Noel Villarael & Ana Irma '58-61
Irv Humes & Louise '64-65
Del Schwichtenberg & MaryEllen '52-53
Ed Heistermann & Paula '64-67
Terry Heisterman & Jani '66-69
Gem Bulos & Julie '69-70
Dave Thompson & Beverly '60-62
Tom Gallant & Sharron '68-69
Chris Sanborn '67-68 Joe Lyons & Mary '68-69
Pat Gonzales & Linda '66-67
John Egan & Shirlee '63-65
Paul Keeler '52-53 Waldo Wilson & Pam '56-57
Steve Pierce & Frances '68-69
Jamie MacLean '66-70
Alan Volbrecht & Christine '68-69
Chris Witzel '64-66
Jim Wallace '64-65 Earl Meggison & Margaret '60-62 John Savela & Maria '52-53

Dennis Costarakis ** '70-71

** Not attending banquet/ suite visit only