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  • Jeff Owens, ETN2(SS)

    Subject: Frank Sojka
    From: Ron Gorence
    <>This is email I had to send out today to SD Base:
    Shipmate Gene Sojka took his departure on Eternal Patrol Wednesday, December 27, 2006.   Services will be conducted on January 5th at 10:30 AM at Humphrey’s Mortuary, 753 Broadway, Chula Vista, Ca.  He will be interred at approximately 11:30 at Fort Rosecrans National Cemetary, Point Loma.
    Frank Gene Sojka, EMC(SS), USS Sabalo 1968-1970, Blackfin '62, Bashaw '65-67.
    Gene was diagnosed with lung cancer in early Nov, and didn't suffer much, if talking to him and watching him was any clue--he attended our Base Christmas party cheerfully--so the minor good news is that he went fast.
    Gene told me of ignoring his fear of a court-marital when Sabalo lost her bubble, and went deep--he rang up all back full, which was answered by the helmsman; only one who got pissed in the end was the stewburner.
    Anybody remember more details of taking 302 where only nukes belong?
    We all trusted each other with our lives--some stand out a little more.  I am sad to report this. 

    14 Nov 2006
    Ed Heistermann
    Subj: Earthquake off the coast of the "big island" Hawaii
    We came through the quake ok, few broken glassware and the door started sticking.  We had company from Minnesota and were out walking when it hit.  We could hardly stand up, cars where swaying back and forth, alarms going off, then a large cloud of dust came up over the cliff at Kealakekua bay below our house.  The bay is still partly restricted to safeguard against falling rocks (into the water).  But two or three hours after the quake we were snorkeling  and by the time we got home  we had power.

    20 Oct 2006
    From: Richard Collier
    I am Richard Collier (IC1-ss). served on Sabalo 7-55 to 7-57 then to Sea Devil 400. I will be attending the reunion and a extra day or two each end. My wife, Judy will also be there. I was on the bow planes during the fwd torpedo room flooding, and it was very exciting to say the least. i took the picturers of Larry Douglas shown on the site. I still have the
    negatives and the old Argus camera i took them with.  I have a large number of pictures of Sabalo and crew and would like to share but not sure the best way.  Most are scaned on my pc and will scan the rest soon.  Re the comment about data from natl archives I will tell you very soon what is available as my wife and I will review Sabalo files when we are in College Park this week.
    I have been a comercial pilot and flight instructor since leaving the boats, and my wife and I still fly for a living.  Dick Collier

    11 Oct 2006
    From: Terry Heisterman
    Hi Jeff, good hearing from you.  Sorry to hear the reunions will soon be a thing of the past, Reno was the first time seeing so many since 1969.  I will try to make the San Diego Reunion although right now I am scheduled to be in Haiti for the next year and a half, then retire.  When I get there I will see what the R&R availability is and let you know.  You have done a great job in keeping things moving and informing everyone about current events, my hat is off to you.  I will stay in contact.
    27 Sep 2006
    From: Bill Weisensee
    We have been traveling extensively; most of the time with the fifth wheel RV, (we go)  to share time with the grandchildren, and to attend USSVI events.  Recently returned from Branson, MO for the the USS Cusk reunion. 

    26 Sep 2006
    From: Bud Watson
     I enjoyed the Sablo Site.  I was onboard from July 1962 till June of 1963 , when I got hit by a car in Waikiki.  Spent the next 3 months in Tripler Hospital. I was ET3(SS). I was on the boat in 1965 when I visited Hawaii to go to court regarding my getting hit by the car in 63 and Moose Linder was still onboard.  I think he was leading ET at the time.  I remember he told me the radar was still 3 degrees off from when we repaired it in April 1963 when a periscope hydraulic seal blew and soaked the servos.  We worked on it for 24 hrs.  I was on the Port Angeles trip that was mentioned.  We had to get the propellers replaced because of the logs we hit in the Straits of Juan De Fuca.  Yah, we sure could party.  In the picture you have of the torpedo loading I thing the seaman to the right standing is John Hennifeld.  Keep up the good work the site brings back some great memories of some great guys, when we were all young and wild.  I spent my 19th birthday in the refrigerator under the crews mess in the after battery loading stores because Kennedy told the Russians to get the Missiles out of Cuba (Oct. 23 1962).  We all thought we were going to (nuclear) war when we loaded the live war head torpedoes.  We were one of the last units left in pearl while everyone else left.  We sat along side the dock and ate what ever came out of the refer first and watched movies ( we had 90 of them ) on the sail each night for about 5 days till sanity was restored.  I would do it all over again if I had to.
    25 Sep 2006
    From: Carl Hubbell
    I make custom cabinets & furniture in my home work shop.  Project for this winter is restoring a 1957 Glaspar boat.
    9 Jul 2006
    From Ed Heistermann
          We now live in Captain Cook, Hawaii.  We left Shreveport on the 11th of May, visited Dallas, Kansas City, Fargo, Bismarck, and Grand Junction,CO before heading for Long Beach to ship the car. We got there eventually; left Paula's car with theshipping company and flew to Kona, and our new home.
    Since then we have been doing all the new home transistion things: water, electricity, mail, drivers licenses,picking up Paula's car (buying one for me), safety inspections,registration, registering the rifle, buying needed "stuff", cell phones, insurance, to name a few!
    We went snorkeling once, been to the farmers market a few times, went to seea local production of Romeo and Juliet, and a Hawaiian "seed exchange" (gardeners and growers bring cuttings, seed, etc mostly of nativeHawaiian plants and exchange/give them away. We now have an ornamentalsweet potato vine, ginger, 2 Hawaiian hibiscus, mixed lettuce, comfrey (sp?), and 2 pineapples planted. Our neighbor mauka of us (towards the mountain)invited us to 4th of July dinner. Our makai neighbors (towards the ocean) have been smothering us with fresh limes! They also have bananas on the way to being ripe.
         Needless to say we do feel a bit separated from all our friends and family, but is also nice to sleep in if we want and have breakfast watching the fishing boats trolling by.
    30 Jun 2006
    From Jim MacMurray
    Thanks for including me in the discussion re the reunion. Incidentally, it would help me to orient myself if I knew who you are and when you served on the Sabalo. I qualified on the Sabalo in 1961, and transferred to a boomer in 63. I left the service in 65 as RM1(SS), went to school, got my doctorate in 77, and devoted my career to medical genetics. Incidentally,I've been searching for several years for a buddy I served with on the Sabalo, Lt. David Jones. Has anybody heard of him, or have an email address?
    I live in L.A., so any date in May, 2007 would be good for me. I look forward to seeing you guys next year, and I especially look forward to being reminded by you of what it was like to be young, full of piss and vinegar, and a sewer-pipe sailor. As I imagine it was with each of you, those were some of the best years of my life.
    Best, Jim MacMurray
    8 May 2006
    From Ed Heistermann
    Well here it is, retirement eve and the boxes are stacked to the ceiling waiting for the moving container to arrive Wed. morning. I will officially be on vacation until the 1st of August at which point I will be retired. Our plan is to pack the Sea Container then leave for Kansas City, North Dakota, Colorado, California (ship the car), and then fly to Hawaii on the 27th.
    Our new address will be (starting around the 1st of June I guess): Captain Cook HI. [contact webmaster for street and telno].  When we get there we will get a new cell and home number (or maybe kick back and wait a few months, who knows).
    5 May 2006
    Subject: John LeConte
    Hello Everyone,
         I wanted to let you know that I've written a novel and it is being published.  It's titled The Priest and the Nazi and is being published by Hopewell Publications in New Jersey.  It has taken about a year and a half to write it and get it into and through the process of being published.  The release date is May 29th.  If you want to find out more about the book you can go to      email:
         I hope this finds you all healthy and happy,  John
    19 Apr 2006
    From: Robert Mullins
    Subject: WesPac 1960 - UPDATE

    Hi All,
    Just thought I would check in again to follow up on my request.  Never did hear from Alley or Shelby. Also didn't have any luck contacting the yeoman Harris or the corpsman from Tulsa, OK.
    My [VA] service officer says I will indeed need a buddy letter confirming witnessing my fall, so I am attempting to find some one who might remember the incident.  Iit happened sometime during March-April-May 1960 on the WesPac tour.Chief Fedon was conducting drills with myself and 2 or 3 other new men when I landed a bit hard on my right leg coming down from the coning tower.
    If anyone can confirm this incident and would contact me it would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact me by e-mail or to robert mullins  p.o. box 3043 bartlesville, ok 74006.
    And please keep in mind any assistance I may provide my fellow shipmates only requires the asking.
    thanks much in advance.  Sincerely, Bob Mullins
    PREVIOUS: 21 Dec 05

    [Robert Mullins, aboard for part of this cruise is seeking help in locating someone from the 1960 cruise who might recollect some of the other men who have not yet been identified or found as shown on the roster pages of the site.  Specifically he seeks men who might remember a certain incident in which he was injured, so he might have details for a claim to the VA.  Initially he was confused with another man on the roster, but Art Clement answered with clarification.  The edited email appears below - Jeff Owens]

    My name is Robert Mullins.  I am trying to locate the corpsman and/or the yeoman on duty during the Sabalo WesPac cruise of 1960.  The corpsman, as I remember, was from Tulsa, OK, and was J. L. Eastman, I believe.  And the yeoman I remember was named Harris.  I ran into him in the mid 60's near Hannibal, MO.

    George Fedon was conducting the drill and Larry Walker, Victor Witzke and Perry Alley were the only others [found on the roster] I remember that may recall the incident. 
    I worked with Witzke and Alley in the engine room and knew Larry fairly well because we were from the same state (Oklahoma).  I understand Larry, Witzke and Fedon have passed away, and no info about Alley has been discovered.

    I am hoping to find anyone who can remember an incident when I fell during a dive drill and was injured.  I have been told I only need one witness. Please respond by return e-mail if you can help.  It would be greatly appreciated.  The records I have show nothing of the incident.  It seemed minor at the time, but is complicating my life to quite a degree at present.

    Thanking you all in advance; good luck and God bless.
    Robert Mullins

    [2nd msg]

    Please accept my apologies for not properly introducing myself. 
    I was born Sep 1940, joined the Navy in July 58.   After boot camp in San Diego I spent about a year with a harbor defense unit at Point Loma.  I went to sub school in late 59;  graduated sub school in early 60;  joined the Sabalo in Hong Kong shortly thereafter, and stayed aboard till we dry docked in Yokosuka (or there abouts).[not long enough to finish qualifications]  After that I was transferred and ended up on the USS Lansing (DER-388) in Pearl, and received an honorable discharge in September 61. 
    After that, I was in Asia for most of the war (1963 to1972),  and then 13 years in Bahrain, and from 1985 to 2003 in and out of Africa.
    At present presiding in Bartlesville, OK, just 10 miles north of where I was raised (Ramona, OK). 
    I realize 45 years is a long time, and although I don't remember full names, but this corpsman was from Tulsa, and the yeoman, 'Harris' are fresh in my mind because there was treatment onboard due to the accident, and some paperwork. Although it seems impossible to track these things down.
    Not being a true submariner, I  feel somewhat an intruder and do apologize for my request, but it is fairly important to me to locate either of the two previously mentioned men, if possible. 
    Thanking you all in advance for possible future responses and info concerning my request.
    Robert Mullins
    POB 3043
    Bartlesville, OK  74006
    home ph 918-335-2222
    cell ph 918-214-3131
     20 Dec 2005
    Response from Art Clement:
    Hello again, Art Clement here.
    <snip>... the only dive I know of where we took an extremely large down angle, and then an opposite up angle, and finally to the surface happened off Hawaii about the Jan/Feb time frame of 1960 when we were doing ops and lots of drills getting ready to head for WESTPAC.  I remember it as it was my first dive on Sabalo, and I thought it was normal, just like in a John Wayne movie.  Then I said "oh-shit" because I realized all the old timers "qualified" guys were scared.
    Wish you luck in your search.  Take care, God bless, and Merry Christmas
    Art Clement TMCS (SS) (DV) USN RET

    13 Apr 2006
    Subj: Eugene Eppley
    From his son Rick,
    Eugene E. Eppley passed away at 2 am Thusday Morning 4/13/2006. He was 86. He was always honored to serve aboard the USS SABALO. He was a Plank owner and served with honor In WWII aboard her. He will be sadly missed as we were Honored to know HIM.
    The Eppley Family

    8 Apr 2006
    Subj: Ted Molfino
    We have just gotten into Ted's email box and noticed you sent him this note.  I regret to tell you that Ted has passed away a year ago.  Thank you for keeping him updated.
     Take Care, Colleen [wife]

    28 Mar 2006
    Subj: Ronald Foster
    Ron speaks often about his days on the boat, and fond memories of his shipmates.  We just got our computer, so now I wanted to do something special for him and possibly hear from some of the shipmates who may remember him.  So if you are out there please send Ron a hello, I'm sure he will get back to you.
           Thank-you and  God bless all of you, Nancy Foster

    24 Jan 2006
    From Larry "Doc" Davis
    I am planning to attend the USSVI convention in Little Rock and would love to mingle with any Sabalo sailors who may be attending.  Would you place a note on the website to that effect .  My cell is (707) 365-2490 and I will have it with me, so anyone there can give me a call and we can meet up.  I probably will arrive on the 2nd day.]

    22 Dec 2005
      Your Email is about my age group.  I served from 1940 to 1960 . That's before WW2, duringWW2 , Korean, and The Cold War which was not so cold when they fire live fish at you.  I do not linger  on my age.  I just live each day the good lord gives me.  When my monthly Fleet Reserve Magazine comes I usally find one shipmate I served with in it that has gone to a higher power.
      Happy holidays, Robert W. Phelps Sr

    15 Dec 2005
    Subj: John B. McGhee
    Dear Jeff,
     Just received your notification of looking for men who served on the USS Sabalo SS-302  sometime from 1945 to 1971.  It was sent to my son David McGhee looking for John B. McGhee  CS1 (SS). John came aboard the Sabalo in Jan. 1954.  He was there for about two years.  He retired from the Navy in Jan, 1968 as CSCS. He passed away in his sleep June 18, 1997.  We were living in Ocean Shores, Wa. I have since remarried and now live in Altamonte Springs, Fl.
    Peggy I. McGhee O'Neil     

    9 Oct 2005
    From Jerry Schlife
    Good morning Jeff, you sent your post card to the right address, but you were about two months late for that one.  It finally caught up about 9/01.  Would have answered sooner, but with a move, new job, and new home plus and Alaska cruise for Judy's and my 38th wedding anniversary in late September I've been real busy. [bio info included, see bio pg]

    29 Sep 2005
    From: Dale Gregory

     I am looking for any applications for my granddaughter for college from the Submarines.  I understand there are some available.  How can I find out and who can I contact.  Need information  ASAP  as she is a senior with a good grade average.  Sorry I have not been online much, but just been diagosed with cancer and have just started with Chemo.
    Hi Dale,
    The above url is for the USSVI national program.
    This url gives the location of bases in Idaho which you can contact about membership in USSVI.
    Let me know if you have any further questions.
    Sorry to hear of your health problems.  We wish you all the best in your treatments.  Best regards, Jeff

    15 Sep 2005
    From: Gene Williams
         I am very sorry I could not be at the Sabalo reunion.  I was able to go to KC with the help of a Spinax shipmate who flew from Florida to KC, then drove down to Broken Arrow to drive my wife and I to the convention (about 3 1/2 hour drive). 
          Everything was going fairly well and I was going to contact you in KC and make arrangements to attend the Sabalo Reunion but had to driven back home due to massive muscle and nerve spasms.  I am doing much better now ... my Pain Management Doctor has put me on different pain regimentations which seem to be helping somewhat.
          Myself and one of the Spinax CO's keep the Spinax Sailing list updated.  I have done much to locate "ole" Spinax crew members.  There are many places on the internet that are good search methods and with much effort, I have found about 35 "ole" shipmates.  It takes much "legwork" but I have time to do this.  I have a "flat rate" long distance plan so I can make unlimited calls and that helps.  I do all the mailings and keep in touch with many Spinax shipmates.   I also help organize Spinax reunions and this year I was the Master of Ceremonies.  Over the years I have done much to keep the Spinax Tradition alive.  We had about 90 people present at the reunion.  Recognizing the efforts I have put forth for Spinax, at the reunion, they made me "Honorary Chief of the Boat" presenting me with a nice glass desk plaque.  It was a very emotional time and I appreciated the honors very much.
          I enjoyed Sabalo and the crew very much.  I have many fond memories. The reason I am sharing all this with you is I will gladly assist you in locating Sabalo crew members when I am able to do so.  Be advised, there are times I am OOC for days at a time and also the 35+ pills I take daily occasionally leave me unable to function "normally."  With that in mind, let me know how I may assist you and I will do my best.
    15 Sep 2005
    Subj: George Jett
    From: Jay Giefer
    Jeff:  I was looking down the roster and missed an old shipmate, CS1 George Jett from about 1955.  Ran into George in about 84 & 85 when he was the manager of the Elks Club in El Cajon, CA       Regards Jay Giefer
    14 Sep 2005
    Subject : Michael and Fred Sullivan
    Recently I acquired an old shipping chest that my grandfather used to ship items home to his Mom.  It has written on it, it permanent ink, her address and then his return address w/ the USS Sabalo listed.  I went on-line and found a nice photo on your site and I printed it out to create a collage frame.  When I searched the roster, I did find his name but wanted to give you some updated information.
    Michael (Sullie) Sullivan's home town was Groveton, NH.  He did pass away several years ago and he was the brother to one of the other Sullivans listed, Fred Sullivan, also of Groveton.  Fred also passed away quite a few years ago. I will find more information from my Mom and get back to you so that you can update what I find.
    Thanks for your site!!  
    Michele Haney, Bath, NH
    August 2005
    Subject: 2005 REUNION REGRETS

    I am sorry I will not be able to come to the reunion.  I had three sizures due to over medication for blood pressure that left me weak and unable to control my shaking especially in my hands.  This is the golden years so they say, but it not always that way.  Tell Orrin Kreps that I will miss meeting him again.
    Sincerely, Robert W. Phelps Sr.
    Good luck on the Reunion as I was looking forward and four other subs I served.  Especially the USS Stickleback.  I got off in the yards in Pearl and went to Recruiting Duty. Later she got hit by a destroyer and sank during a towing. I went into the ice pack on  the Stickleback and it was a ve-ery cold experince.  Had a lot crew standing in my galley to keep warm at times.
     Regards, Robert W. Phellps Sr.
    **Jeff:  Due to my recovery from 3 seizures has been a miracle to me. I have stopped major shaking and I will be at the convention. There are four subs that I served on at the convention and it will be ole homeweek for me.  Plus Kreps and I can celebrate as being the Plankowners.  Regards and I will send in my fees shortly. Robert W. Phelps Sr.
    [He then again had an episode which caused him to cancel at the last few days.]

    Surely wish we could be part of the reunion, but thats not possible as my wife is unable to travel. I wish you all have a great reunion, thanks for keeping me in the loop, the old AS-12 holds lots of wonderful memories for me.
    -Carl Bowlby

    Hi Jeff, once again I'm unavailable for this reunion, presently I'm in South Africa on an assignment.   Appreciate the invitation and will try to attend the next function.
    Thank you, Terry Heisterman

    >Can't make this one.   Louis and Marge Drost

    Jeff-Thanks for all your hard work you do to keep this reunion going. I have had a couple of health challenges  since January. I am on the road to recovery now. I  will not be able to attend this reunion, maybe next time.
     Thanks again, Gary Ferguson

    Can't make it.  Marty Huska EM1SS  Ret

    Jeff, Kathy and I will not be able to attend this year ~~ our oldest grandson is graduating Auburn Univ on August 8 and we have a trip planned to Hawaii in October.  Have fun and hope to see you next year.  Jim Miller

    Jeff: Thanks for all your hard work regarding the reunion. I am sorry that I will not be able to attend but I wish you all a great time and good memories.  Dick Lamy

    Hi Jeff.  I can not make the Sabalo Reunion this September 2005. Keep me on your E-mail list.Thanks
    Andre Giacomelli EM3 (SS)

    Sorry Jeff, but I won't be able to attend. May God bless you and all that attend.  Rev. Dr. James H. Robertson


    Jeff, I would love to make the reunion but will be on business travel that week.  If I can break away sooner, I will work to make it.  Please keep me on the list.  Thanks, Jerry Hamilton

    Hi Jeff, been getting all the emails and other info about the reunion. thanks for keeping me abreast of things.  I think that you are doing a wonderful job with the website and all the other things you are doing with regards to keeping Sabalo and her crewmembers informed.  Sorry, I will not be able to attend the reunion in KC.  I will be just getting back from a 24 day oddessy through New York, Tennessee and Dallas and probably will need the rest.  Also I will be out again on the 21st of Sept to go to another reunion in GLakes.  Finally to Grayback reunion in Kings Bay, GA on 1 Nov.  and then 3 weeks in the Philippines to visit wife's relatives.  So you see, I will be busy.  Please give my regards to those who will be attending that were onboard during my era 65 - 68.  --Larry Davis

     Give my regards to the guys that join you in KC.  Lou and I are still thinking about Seattle and a cruise to Alaska.
    Our best to all.    "JD " Longenecker

    Hi Jeff, Tell Fred I said Hi, Alex Doucette as well.  I can't make this one this year. I hear that I missed out on a fun reunion last year. Best wishes,  Ron Van Nest

    I want to let you know that I will not be able to attend the Sabalo Reunion this year in Kansas City, due to a conflict in planned vacation schedules...Labor Day weekend is a busy time for us...we live only eight miles from Disney and have company coming that weekend. Regards, Earl Meggison

    I'm sorry I wont be able to go to the Reunion but health reasons keep me here at home. I am on oxygen 24/7 and have to have a nebulizer treatment every four hours, so you can see why it would be very difficult for me to travel.
    If you see any of the old crew ( 52 to 54 ) tell them all hello for me.  Thanks, Harry Lute

    Hi Jeff,  thx for the phone call, sorry I can't make it to reunion.  Bill Ballard

    I am sorry for the inconvenience ... many things are going on in my life at this time ... they want to operate again on my neck.  This is an extremely "risky" situation and I am not sure I want them to proceed ... plus, as I I believed I informed you when you called, my dog has been diagnosed with Lymphoma and she is a very important factor in my family's life and we will spare no expense to help her live a 'normal' dogs' life for as long as it takes.  We cannot see leaving her at home with anyone else.
     As much as I would like to, I will not be able to attend the Sabalo's Reunion this year.  Sorry, Gene "Willy" Williams

         This morning I was getting ready to buy my plane tickets to Kansas City when I received a phone call from my previous employer, Riverside Co. District Attorney.  As you know I retired in July of 2004 with one murder trial still pending.  This murder case took place in 2001 and I was one of the primary investigators.  This is a serial killer case in which a man and woman team was raping and killing teen-aged girls, we have them for two murders and one attempted murder.
         Well, that's the story. Unfortunately, I'm the only one that can testify to many of the aspects of the investigation.  So, I have to go, but I don't know the exact dates yet and I'm going to try a negotiate.  Trial starts August 22 and that first week they'll be selecting a jury, so I won't be needed, but I may have to be there the first week of September.  Dang it!  I just want to be a gentleman farmer now, not a cop!
         Anyway, I won't know for a few days whether I'll be needed in California for court that first week in September, but I will keep you posted.  Thanks, George Hudson

    4 August 2005
    Subj: Ronald C. Boyd
    I was looking in this site and saw my fathers name listed and that you were looking for him. Ronald Boyd born Sept 10, 1932. he died July 29,2004 He lived in Minneapolis, MN and was a Mpls. fire fighter.

    12 Jul 2005
    Subj: Lou Nockhold - Eternal Patrol
    Sir,   It is with great sadness that I inform you of Cdr. Louis W. Nockold's passing on June 4, 2005 after a long and courageous battle with cancer.  He loved his duty on submarines and talked about it often.  He will be buried at Punch Bowl on Sept. 15th, 2005.
    Please let me know of future reunions as I would love to attend if possible and maybe meet some of the men my husband served with. 
    Sincerely,  Mrs. Sally Nockold,  Wife

    3 Jul 2005
    From: Wayne Momsen
    Friends: For me, the zenith of internet e-mail correspondance has crested.  ISP and maintenance periphial costs encumber the necessity for continued limited use. Thus effective immediately, I shall no longer maintain an E-mail address. I will, for all convenience, retain my phone and PO Box for contact purposes, as listed below.[contact webmaster] I have an old school yearn to return to the lost art of handwritten letters. Thank you very much.

    26 Apr 2005
    Subject: Elwin Main, TMC

    Elwin was my mother's youngest brother, so it makes sense that he would have been in the Navy post-WWII. Thank you so much for the data on Elwin.  I will ask my mother for some more details. I know she also has some pictures of Elwin that I could scan and send to you for your records. 

    I would be delighted and honored to donate Elwin's personal items to your organization. I am well familiar with Navy reunion groups.  My father and uncle were both WWII Navy veterans. My uncle was posted stateside, and my Dad was in the heart of the action in the South Pacific Theater as an officer aboard the destroyer U.S.S. Craven. He was anchored a couple of hours outside Pearl Harbor on the morning of December 7th, 1941, because they were steaming in too late on the 6th to beat the submarine net. The crew on the U.S.S.Craven awoke to alarms the morning of the 7th and raced to Pearl, only to come upon the disastrous results of the morning attack. All month they had been so looking forward to some good R&R there. What a rude surprise!  Dad never talked about the war until we started questioning him in later years.  Even today, those memories are so strong for him that even his Alzheimer's cannot stifle them.

    The crew of the Craven has had annual reunions for the past 25 years or so. I attended several of them with my Dad before he succumbed to Alzheimer's disease a couple of years ago. Now he is "stationed" at the Frank M. Tejeda Texas State Veterans Home, located outside San Antonio. Although it is a very sad situation for all of us, he is now among his fellow sailors and soldiers and is well cared for there. It is a wonderful home for him, much better than many of the alternatives. My sister, who also attended the reunions, lives in San Antonio and is able to visit him several times a week. Sad to say, she is one of the VERY FEW family members who visit regularly.


    With best and warmest regards,

    James Stewart Gaither, son of Patrick Joseph Gaither

    23 Mar 2005
    Subject: Jeff Stockton
    My shipmate and buddy Jeff Stockton, TM3 (SS) on board Sabalo 1957-59 died last Monday in Seattle.He was 65. Jeff won a long, painful battle with lung cancer over the past few years...only to have COPD (congestive pulmonary disease) finally get him. After years of running hot, straight and normal, his big heart just finally quit running.
    We went to Roosevelt High School in Seattle together, and I was the guy who talked him into joining the Submarine Service after graduation. (I don't think he ever forgave me for that one.) We went to boot camp and Sub school together, and both got assigned to the Sabalo in Pearl Harbor. We went through all the fun stuff of the boats' ops in the Cold War in the 1950's together.  We graduated from Sabalo and went to the University of Washington together...and actually joined the same fraternity house on campus. We drank a lot of beer together and did many unspeakable things to coeds together.
    After graduation, I went to South America (beautiful Cali, Colombia, a garden spot of riots, violence and Communist guerilla activity) under a one year contract with the USIA. Jeff, a real golf pro in high school and college, became a golf pro in northern California. He later got his MBA and was a successful executive recruiter.  We lost touch..  After Cali, I went to Barcelona for about a year and a half, then came back to CONUS as a newspaper reporter in Southern California.
    Jeff and I both missed the last Sabalo reunion, but we got together for the first time in 40 years last Summer in Seattle when I drove up to see him.
    Jeff was a good buddy, a good sailor and a good submariner. We both valued our time aboard Sabalo. That kind of life stays with you forever. We will all miss him.
    Greg LaBrache, TMSN(SS) aboard Sabalo 1957-59
    7 Mar 2005
    Rick  Etlinger
    Thanx for welcoming me into the SABALO family of submariners.  I was on the boat probably less than a year before moving on to Nuc school.  I was a "9901", and not too popular since we were doomed to be short-timers and then out the hatch.  I'll never know if we were treated "differently" while trying to qualify... but it was an uphill battle all the way.  It isn't likely anyone would remember me, I came on board, mess cooked, worked for chief Victor Witzke (sic), rented a jeep, toured the island, really liked Honolulu, fell madly in love with a german girl who waitressed in a restaurant called "The Hofbrau" on Waikiki.  
    Most memorable event:  snorkling along, and the main intake valve slams shut... the goddamn enginemen screw with the internal air pressure trip device, set it higher, the air in the boat is sucked out by the running deisel, the running diesel does'nt trip, and the human body is subjected to an external vacuum that is not normal. - not very pretty.  The enginmen thought this was so damn funny.

    More as I remember stuff.  It's been so damn long ago.

    28 Feb 2005
    From: Gayle Comfort
    Subject: Burton C. Comfort  onboard Sabalo during her first commisioned service 1945-46
    Gayle seeks communication with anyone who might remember her father.  Her two sisters and brother don't know anything about their father's service, and he died at the age of 44 without relating any of his experiences.

    Thank you so much for going the extra mile. I have forwarded information to my sisters (my brother also died at a young age - 54). It would be real nice to get further information - especially for my baby sister who was only 2 when Dad died.
         Again, thank you for your efforts! They are appreciated.  Sincerely, Gayle Comfort

    5 Feb 2005
    From: Dave Scott
    Long time no "hear from you". I had my shop burn to the ground with about $25,000 worth of tools, books and 30 years of information along with my two computors.   Just letting you know that I'll be at the next reunion with bells on.

    1 Feb 2005
    From: George "Pat" Byers
    Received your card in the mail yesterday. My name is George Patrick Byers , I always went by Pat , even though I received several nicknames concerning my first name George.("George of the Jungle", "Lonesome George", also called the Lone Wolf by one of my shipmates don't remember who.) I served onboard the Sabalo from 1968 until 1970, made two West Pacs with the Sabalo. Was a snipe, Engineman forward engine room. Was very surprised and happy to hear from you.
     2nd msg:  [One of the pictures attached] Is a picture of my hand painted Sabalo [near the stern], we did not have stencil and they told me to paint the ship's name by the next day. I hung over the side by line and hand painted it. Which took them less than a day to get proper stencils and paint over it. Sure was good to receive your card today in the mail always wondered what happen to some of the people I knew.
    Thanks Pat
    31 Jan 2005
    From: John Huskey

    Yes it was the postcard that got me to respond. It also helps that I have recently run in to a Salesman that was on the Blackfin after I was. So he turned in my name to that organization and they have been keeping me up to date on happenings with them.  Other than that, I have not kept up with former shipmates. I have no
    excuse, other than life just got in the way. The Sabalo Site has brought back many memories. Most are good. Until next time

    31 Jan 2005
    From: Everett "Jay" Jones
    It was great to receive your contact.  I look back now and think my time in the Navy and in particular my time in the Submarine Force which was almost all Sabalo time was a great time and a wonderful experience for me.  I have often wished I could contact some of my friends.  Some showed up on the roster and I hope more will show up in time. 
     Thanks, You have done a lot of great work on the site.  I should have known some one would have done something.  I have missed the opportunity to contact and see some great people.

    4 Jan 2005
    Subject: Jack Jarvies
    It is with a heavy heart that I pass on to you the news that CAPT Jack Jarvies, Past Commander, Hudson Valley Base, USSVI has departed on "Eternal Patrol."
     Jack was a friend and comrade to all of us in SubVets, but especially to those of us in District 2...he will be greatly missed.
     National Commander Tom Conlon and I plan to attend Jack's wake and funeral in Port Jervis, NY.  I hope you will join us in bidding farewell to our departed shipmate.
    John F. Smith   CDR District 2   USSVI
    [received earlier 4 Jan]
    ....... served on the Sabalo as the Navigator in '60 - '61 before going to the Tiru as XO and later to the Carbonero as CO. I sent the following out to the Carbonero crew yesterday.
         Carbonero Crew:
    Sadly I must report that I received word this morning from Jack Jarvies' daughter, Barbara, that Jack had been admitted to the hospital over the weekend. He's in the ICU and not doing well at all. Fortunately all of his family visited over the holidays and were able to spend time before he was hospitalized. Barbara said that her mother was holding up as well as could be expected under the circumstances.
        Jack started chemotherapy just after the Thanksgiving holiday. I talked with him shortly after and he said it was giving him a bad time and making him ill.
         .....   I just got off the phone with Rose Jarvies - she said that Jack is fading quickly. He's suffering mainly from congestive heart failure at this point. She's hoping he'll last until their daughter arrives from Ecuador. She'll keep in touch with us.  Seeing he is in ICU, flowers are not permitted, but certainly your prayers are welcomed.
        I'll let everyone know when the situation changes.
        Dan O'Dwyer, USS Carbonero (crew assoc.)

    [recd later 4 Jan]

      By now you may have heard our sad news, Jack passed away early this morning, (Tuesday)   After having a good Christmas, with all the children visiting in stages, Jack started tiring very quickly.   We thought it was due to Chemo treatments.   By Sunday he had severe swelling so checked into hospital emergency and found congestive heart problems.     
         Thank you so very much for all the cards, phone calls and prayers...They meant so much to Jack.  Matt Schmitz and Steve Chinoransky "inducted Jack" in to the Holland Club late Sunday night.  This meant so much to him..."God Bless you all" was his response.  Numerous  times during the night he mentioned names of different submariners with such glowing remarks, telling me to "remember to contact" them. I'm sure I'd forget some, so please know "you were on the top of  "Jack's Good Friends List."   
          Visitation will be held at Knight - Auchmoody Funeral Home in Port Jervis on Friday, January 7, from 1800 through 2000.  Representatives of the Hudson Valley Base of the USSVI  will honor Jack during the visitation at 1900.  A Catholic Mass will be held at 1000 on Saturday the 8th at St. Mary's Catholic Church in Port Jervis.  Memorial contributions may be made to USSVI  Hudson Valley Base,  C/o VFW Post  8645, 101 Route 208, New Paltz, NY 12561
          If you have any questions please contact Matt.   We're leaning on him to serve as our liaison with our comrades of the Silent Service. 
     Rose and family.

    3 Dec 2004
    Mike Elzinga
    At 0200 on Nov 17, I went to the Emergency Room with high blood pressure (245/113).  On Thanksgiving day, I returned home with a quadruple bypass.  One coronary artery was 100% clogged, the others were 80 to 90% clogged.  For years I have walked at least 2 to 4 miles every day and have never had any symptoms.  Each of the clogged coronary arteries had multiple "collateral arteries" that had grown around the clogs, probably as a result of my years of walking.  Thus my heart was still getting oxygen, and earlier tests were either negative or ambiguous.  I had only mild hypertension, my weight was under control, and my diet was improving over the last few years. 
         I had no heart attack and no damage to the heart muscle.  The only reason I thought to check my blood pressure that morning was because I was feeling "wired" and my heart was pounding and skipping beats.  Glad I didn't ignore it.  Close call.  I feel like I was just stumbling along, stepped into a depression, and the bullet went over my head.
          So far, I seem to be recovering ahead of schedule.  I'll be homebound for about a month.  Still hope to see you all in Kansas City.  Take care.
    UPDATE RECD 5 DEC 2005: This is in reference to an email posted December of 2004, in reference to the status of John McGhee.  He passed away close to 10 years ago.  His son David McGhee lives in Tacoma, WA.  My father, Lester L. Wambold was reading through the mail on your website and came across the letter and wanted to update the information.  Thank you for all the work you put into this.  Sincerely, Jill Murphy
    [In an attempt to pass this on, an email to Ed Davis was bounced because the address is no longer in use - Jeff.]

    1 Dec 2004
    Subject: John B. McGhee
    Dr. Edwin Davis <docd4600> wrote:
    I was on Tunny SSG282 at Pearl 59-62   in 62 I went to the food service team at Pearl and we had a CSC named J.B. Maghee [sic] that had served on Sabalo. I wonder if you may have him in your data base.  I have tried to locate him for over twenty years now. There are only two of us food service team members still alive from 59-62 and 67-68 teams.  I sure would appreciate it very much if you have him in your data base that you send him my email address and ask him to contact me.  Thanks.  I was CSC on Tunny.

    Jeff Owens replied:
    The man you're looking for is John B. McGhee (note spelling which is from official patrol report of Sabalo late54-early55).  He was CS1(SS) on Sabalo.  I have not yet located his whereabouts.  His next of kin, wife, Peggy was shown as living in Rockaway, Oregon at that time.  I just did a very brief search and find that it might not be that hard to narrow this down.  What more can you tell me?  his age approx?  what might have been his hometown/state - I suspect his wife might have been from Oregon, but not him.  Did you have any contact with him after Pearl?
         I'll do my best to eliminate as many as possible.  I found 140 John McGhees, but many do not come close to what his age might be, and some have wrong middle initial, so before I go much further what additional clues might you provide? [Can anyone help in finding this man?]

    Dr. Edwin Davis wrote:
    Jeff- thanks for the reply..I have very little .. Peggy is his wife's name, his parents lived in Anchorage, Alsaka, and were there during the big earth quake in the early 60s..I tried calling some of the numbers ,especially in Rockaway  Oregon, but they had been disconnected.  J.B. is probably in his early seventies.   I’m 74 and we were not that far apart in age.  Other than that I don't have anything.. Don’t spend a lot of time on it.  If you run across something I would appreciate a note.  If I can be of any help to you in this area let me know, I’m at the armed forces retirement home in Gulf Port, MS.

    26 Nov 2004
    From: Jim MacMurray

    Please do add me to your sabalo list. I served on the Sabalo from 1961 until 1963, when I transferred to the nukes (USS Daniel Webster). I'd be pleased to hear what has happened to my old shipmates.
    12 Nov 2004
    From: son of Jetson J. Reidinger
    21 Oct 2004
    From:  William J Zentner
         Still alive and kicking; Driving long haul for now to keep myelf busy. Looked up radioman,  James Seaman out of Johnstown PA. and found his brother who said James passed away in 64.  I'm in Spanaway WA;  that's my home. I would like to hear from anyone that remembers me. I see a few I remember on the roster list. 

    5 Oct 2004
    Jeff - thanks for contacting me - I think I screwed up on my dates of service aboard the Sabalo - I reported onboard October or November 1962 during the Cuban missile crisis ( if I remember correctly the entire fleet was out with the exception of the Sabalo) and transferred off to basic nuke school July of 1963 while we were in Portland OR. It was in Portland that I received my Dolphins.   William G. Thobae, Saratoga Springs, NY
    10 Sep 2004
    Subject: 2004 Reunion Regrets [multiple email msgs from various men]

    •  I received your postcard today and wanted to respond.  I served on the Sabalo from 1955 - 1959.  I am married, live in Seymour Indiana.  Have two sons and one daughter.  I am a retired Indiana State Trooper.  I enjoy fishing, hunting, playing guitar and singing.  I have quite a few pictures from my tour of duty and lots of stories.  Will send more later.  This is the first I even knew of the web site and will probably spend quite a few days reading and looking at the pictures.  My email address is .  I definitely would like to attend one of the reunions but don't have enough time to plan for it this year.  Richard Barker   
    • Hello Jeff. We were actually looking forward to going to Saratoga Springs ................we love that part of New York. Pete got laid of AGAIN in July! We can't believe it; it has been over fifteen years since his last lay off and now this year has been a double whammy! He plans to take his full retirement from his union in March 05. The good news is that my business continues to grow and we're about to become grandparents for the first time. Life isn't all "bad" Say hello to those Sabalo folks in Saratoga. --------Rita (and Pete) Ouellette ...and later msg: Pete just finished up a 5 month lay off at work – first one in over 15 years.  He is happy to be back at work now.  He’s trying to finish out this year with this job so he can retire next March.  We are sorry to report that we will probably not make it to the Saratoga Reunion in September.  It’s so close for us and we had looked forward to seeing everyone again.  However, our daughter is due to deliver our first grandchild during that time period and with the recent layoff, Pete probably won’t be able to take any time off.   If things change, (an early baby or time off) we will let you know last minute. Rita Ouellette
    • I thought I recognized your name on You were on Sabalo the same time I was. Weren't you ET?? I was sonarman STS3, and I believe you were are on board for both WestPac tours. Back then I was "Andy" and in my early 20's...I don't believe I can make the reunion, but I appreciate your efforts and what you are doing for the Sub Vets. Keep up the good work...If you are ever in the Seattle area, call me and we'll have a brew.------Don Andresen
    •  Very good to hear from you and glad the reunion continues on.  I really enjoyed Reno and seeing so many people from the boat.  I won't be able to make this one but want to stay in contact for up and coming events. Do you need any donations or are things working out in that area.  I havebeen working here in Iraq for about five months now and it's very difficult to shake the military when you try to change a schedule.  Say hello to everyone for me and enjoy.Terry Heisterman
    • Now that I'm (almost) retired - working only about half-time, I really wanted to get to a Sabalo reunion. But, unfortunately, this won't be theone, since I'll be returning from a two-week trip to Prague, Vienna and Budapest on the 15th of Sept. Maybe NEXT time! I also have some 35m slides I ought to share. I have one taken of the forward deck as we tried to go alongside Stickleback after her (ultimately) fatal collion withh the Silverstein. She is tied up alongside Silverstein in the picture. Shakey Cox and Chief Finneran are prominent in the picture. We were going to try to pass some air to her through our forward trim line to her after trim line, cross-connecting to her LP air, but we were rising and falling with the sea exactly out of phase with Stickleback, and we couldn't stay alonside without some danger of causing further damage to Stickleback.---Charlie Darrell
    • Sorry, but I can't attend this year.  Best of everything to you and all of the guys.  I hope everyone has a great time. ---Peter Lary
    • I will not be able to attend.  Be sure and tell the guys from the 1963-1964 time period I said howdy.---Wilbur C. Harris (Harry)  Sep 1963 - Apr 1964 (9901 - Nuke)
    • Thanks for the invite, but both Louis and I will be hard at work.  Louis will just be starting the new school year so no time off for awhile.  Keep us updated on the reunions and we will attend the ones we can.  Tell all hi for us and have a great time.  ---  Louis and Marge Drost
    • Just got your email re a mid-September Sabalo reunion.  Unfortunately, I'll be on business travel on the West Coast that week and will not be able to attend...Please keep me on your email list - I'll make a gathering one of these days.  Thanks, Jerry Hamilton
    • I will not be able to attend this reunion. Thanks for all the work you do to keep the feelings alive. It was great to see you at Reno...hope to see you next time... Gary Ferguson
    • Thanks for the invitation to the Sabalo reunion. I would love to attend but I can't this time.  ...Jim Kent
    • Thanks for the information but I can't come this year.  Sa hi to Chris Sanborn for me. Thanks, John LeConte
    • Hope all is well with you and do hope you have another great reunion. My wife's health keeps us from traveling any distance because she can become totally exhausted in a matter of a minute or two, no matter what she is doing, just sitting on walking around the house. And I mean she can't hardly move when it hits. It is her heart.  It just doesn't work right. But I will try to keep in touch in case things get better. Carl Bowlby

    28 Jul 2004From: Jim Kent
    Thank you very much for your efforts in trying to locate a good friend of mine, James J. Colegrove. You had indicated he was living in Niantic, CT.  I had to pick up my daughter in New Bedford and was going right through Niantic.  I made reservations to stay there overnight in case I was able to locate Jim Colegrove.  I sent him e-mail and my daughter checked all phone books and listings but no luck.  I even had pictures of us on the Sabalo duplicated to share with him and his family. 
    If you ever hear from him or fine a different address, please e-mail me and let me know.  Thanks again and it is a pleasure to have met you through e-mail and the Sabalo web sight.
    30 Jul 2004
    Thanks again Jeff for your efforts in trying to get two old friends in touch again that you didn't even know.  You have exceeded my expectations, but then, hey, you are a shipmate of the USS Sabalo and now a friend of mine.   My daughter also sent Jim Colegrove e-mail as she was trying to line up a surprise for my birthday as we went through Niantic. 64 years old sounds old, but I just turned 60.  My how time does fly by.  When I last saw Jim, he was 24 and I was 20.  I hope you are right and he may be spending some time in Fla. or somewhere and will return and read his e-mail.  I will let you know if I ever have any luck in contacting him. You can count on that.  I do hope he is O.K.  Thanks again Jeff and if you have any news on the Sabalo or hear from more shipmates, be sure to include me in your e-mail.  It is always enjoyable to open your mail.
    27 Jul 2004
    My name is Irvin Favre and I live in south Mississippi.  
    Years ago I aquired a stainless steel ash tray. I have wondered for years where it might have originated.  The ash tray is approx. 5 inches wide and 3/4 inch deep. The words on it is as follows:   At the top: A.D. Bouchard;    At the center: RMI(SS);    At the bottom:    U.S.S. SABALO (SS-302)
    I would appreciate any info you might have concerning this .
     [send any info to me, Jeff Owens and I'll pass it along.]

    26 Jun 2004
    Hello Jeff,
     I was extremely happy to come across your site honoring the men who served on board the USS Sabalo. I was excited to see my father's name on the original party program of the ship's commissioning, June 19, 1945. In the photo, he is the seventh person (r to l) in the first row. His name was Taylor L. Fox. He was a First ClassTorpedoman at this time. He was a submariner all of his life. He served on many of the Navy's most distinguished submarines! He retired as a Master Chief and is currently on his eternal patrol. If you would like, I could send you some information about the subs he served on and some of his achievements. All who served beneath our seas were truly part of our "greatest" generation.
     Thanks,Eugene Fox, son
    3 Mar 2004
    From: Charlie Darrell
    Charlie: I don't think I will be able to attend [USSV Convention 2004], since I will be flying back on the 15th of Sept. from a 2-week Danube River cruise with the Smithsonian. I would need a couple of days to recycle clothes (and myself!) if I really wanted to enjoy the reunion.  Last year was a (slightly) different excuse -- I had several back-to-back trips: one on the QE-2 to UK at the end of July, one to St. Petersburg, RU, in mid-August, and another to Quebec City and New England in Sept.
    Jeff Owens:  Sounds like you're having more fun than a reunion anyway.  --I was only four years at sea, and swore no more cruising for me.  It's worked out well because my wife gets motion sickness easily and has shied away from even thinking about cruises.  As I age tho, the thought of the swells breaking over the bow come back to me and a cruise might not be that bad.  Who knows what may lie in store...

    Charlie: It is a bit weird to take a cruise - after 14 years as ship's crew (not including 4 years of staff duty riding boats a couple of days every month). In fact, I  really don't know why I did the cruise on the QE-2 last summer. I signed up before I seized on the opportunity to go to St. Petersburg. And I certainly wouldn't have done that cruise if I had known that the Navy League would be sponsoring the "theme lectures" on another cruise, this time in the QM-2 next May, with an extension from UK to the Normandy D-Day historical sites. (The Navy League has arranged to have 15 WW II naval history lectures on QM-2, re. naval actions in the Atlantic.)

    24 Feb 2004
    From: Larry "Doc" Davis
    Hello to all my friend and well wishers. [I've] been very busy and out of the country for awhile visiting, with my wife, Anita's family and helping her through her final
    days. We spent 3 weeks in the Philippines where she wanted to say her last goodbys to her family. Didn't know it at the time, but I think that it is the way she planned it. Regretfully, she passed away this past Sunday, Feb 22. I loved her, and still do and will miss her terribly. But I can take relief that she is passed all of the pain and suffering that her disease, cancer, reaped upon her. She finally is at peace and with god. What a blessing that must be. for now it is us that are left with the suffering and pain. Thanks you all for your kind words, prayers, and throughts. Anita's services  as follows. Viewing and rosary at 5 p.m. on Wednesday 25 Feb at the Vaca HIlls Funeral Home, located at 524 Marshall Road. Vacaville, 95687. Funeral at St Josephs Catholic Church on Marshall Road, Vacaville, on Thursday 26 February at 10 am. ...God bless you all, and I do hope that you will keep in touch.  Your friend always, Larry Davis
    23 Feb 2004
    From: Michael Elzinga
    I will be retiring at the end of June.  I expect to work part time next year to bring someone up to speed on the courses I teach, but I am planning to get to the reunion.  Hope to see you there.

    23 Feb 2004
    From: Earl Meggison
    Subject: Reunion 2004
    I plan to retire in September, but I don't want to miss another great opportunity to meet you and my shipmates... As we grow older, these things take on more importance...    Let me see what the wife has planed first and then I will get back to you...
    22 Feb 2004
    From: Gene Merrill
    Subject: Reunion Planning
       As for specific activities for SABALO members ,, It's a good way to get all together , On the other hand there usually are so many other things happening in the short time we have.   What you put on at Reno was very good and I know all really had a good time and appreciated it.  I am always cramped for time at the Conventions . 
       Many Boats have reunions at times other than at the Conventions and have a good turn out,, And others  routinely conduct them at the Conventions, I guess the thought here is that many members combine them and in some respect there could be a better turn out ..  My vote here would be to have it in conjunction with the Conventions. 
       Thats all I have Jeff,, Hope it provides something to ponder over. 
           ,,, SEE YA ,,,       Spooks
    21 Feb 2004
    Frtom: Pete Ruden  60-61 Crewmember  EN3(SS)  (Fwd Engineroom & A-Gang)
    Jeff, Looks & sounds like you had a great time at Reno.  Wish I could have been there.  My wife has been very sick & this has curtailed my traveling.  I hope that you guys are staying warm in PA.  It seems like you had a bad winter from the news on TV.  Take care,
    21 Feb 2004
    From: J.D. Longenecker
    Good to hear from you and thanks for the update on future reunions.  We won't be attending this year (hate to lose my perfect attendance record) but we will seriously consider the Seattle meet in 2007 including the Alaska trip.  Hell's bells--I'm not even buying green bananas anymore, but I'm looking ahead to 2007.  Oh well.  Have a great summer and stay healthy.
    21 Feb 2004
    From: David Brower
    ... hope things are going well... just checking to see if you have any hats in yet? If so let me know and I'll take one and if not please put me on the list. 
     I ran across my dolphins and an old SS-302 lighter the other day...that was pretty cool.
    new email address [see roster]... I got married in December; just got back from a honeymoon cruise; and so life is just plain awesome! Other than that I have no opinion... HA
    26 Jan 2004
    From: Lewis Smith -via son Chris
    Hello Mr. Owens. I recently discovered your website and would like to include my father's name in the crew roster. His name is Lewis C. (Smitty) Smith. He was on board from 1952 to June of 1954. His rank at that time was TM3SS. He has lots of photographs that I can scan and send to contribute to your website and he is even in one that is already there. ... I will be happy to send the photographs and and any information that will assist you in the website. As for the photographs
    there are a lot. He would like very much to get in contact with some of his former shipmates and I'm sure this website will be a great help.
    2nd msg: ...glad to hear back so quick. Yes, I can scan pictures or burn a cd which would probably be better as he has a LOT of pictures. I have also found Lamy's e-mail adress and they have exchanged letters. As I write he is sorting out pictures and I think I have created a monster as he is about 4 feet off the floor
    and is talking non-stop. Anyway, I will get to work on his pictures as soon as he calms down a bit and gets them sorted out. Thanks for the effort on your website.