This section is for pictures submitted by shipmates.  So, dig out those old albums and photos and communicate what you have that could be included.  If you can't scan them, and will trust them to me, I'll scan them and return the originals promptly.  If you don't want to trust them to the mails, I suggest you try the possibilities at your local school.  Most now have the capabilty to scan, and if you bring your own floppy or cd-rw disks should readily handle a few photos. 

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Photos of the boat - [Shipmate photos next section below]
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Shipmate photos
Ernest P. Long, Sabalo crewman, 1944-46

Coco Solo, Panama 1945 - caption on back of photo, "One day after a beer party. Coco Solo, Pan." - can anyone ID anyone?? [This was probably taken 30 Nov or 1 Dec 1945.]

    Submitted by Frank Nugent, RMCS(SS), Ret.

Ship's Party celebrating the Recommissioning Anniversary, 3 Jul 1952, Kimo Farms Night Club, Oahu, HI
     Submitted by John Savela

Art Maccini and Joe Russen when the "Sabalo was in the yard at Pearl getting a sail and new main motors back in 1952" [from Joe Russen]

Various crew members from ca. 1953. Liberty Call 1957  left to right Keenis Fugate, Ed Kelly, Elwin Main, Bob Wiswell, Waldo "Willie" Wison

Bill Ballard coming up the after battery hatch  ~1957 (63Kb)
Fishing from the Sabalo - individuals in foreground: Shaw (IC Electrician) standing, Shultz seated aft, Cox seated next, Thomas seated fwd.  ~1958 (207Kb)

Ken Sanderlin,  RMSN  sends along some photos from 1959. Change of Command of SUBRON 7 ~1959-61 at Pearl Harbor
   Submitter: John D. Morgan, ENCS(SS) 


Loading torpedos, P.H. ca '63,  --photo from Ted Storie on right of torpedo with no hat. -others need ID.

Officers and crew after ORI in full dress whites taken at Lava 8 in Pearl Harbor in April 1966 (289K)

Also swim call and  topside BBQ during the Wespac cruise of 67-68.
IC1 Max Moon, myself and CS2 Foster Williams or "Willie" as he was affectionately called. (38Kb)
ENC Harold Losby, YN2 Roemick, and then STSN Phelps.  (29Kb)
   From Larry "Doc" Davis then HM1(SS)

WesPac 1967, submitted by John LeConte, EM3
"One is me in the After Battery; another is me standing topside watch (I'm in the middle packing the heat) with Greg Bryant on the left and Roy Owens on the right; another is me and Greg Bryant in Manilla and the last is a bunch of us in a bar in Subic.  In this last one, starting from left to right, are Ken Brown, the cook; me and my dolly; the next guy, Gwaltney; the next guy is little Horseman, and on the far right is Mike Houck and Shorty Dumar.  Dumar is on top!!".
ca. 1969 -  I forget the occassion, but I remember that we had just had a dungaree inspection.  One of our .30 caliber machine guns was in the forward torpedo room along with a few cans of ammo.  We took turns draping ourselves with the ammo belts and snapping "hero" photos. - Jeff Owens
Bobby Payne, TM

Fred Holcomb, ET1

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