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  • Jeff Owens, ETN2(SS)

    5 Apr 09
    Mr. Owens, my name is Ben Bruen, it may be a long shot but I was wondering if you had any information or knew my grandfather, Anthony Frattura, who served on the Sabalo for 6 months in '64 I believe.[[ In correction- it was Jun-Nov 1945 ]] He passed away when i was 4 and I never had a chance to ask him about his stories and such. So, again, if you have any more information or pictures than what are on the website, they would be truly appreciated. Thank you.
    5 Nov 09
    From: Denver McCune
    My home town was Burlington, WA.  I am a member of SubVetsInc and the Holland Club, for what its worth.  Thanks for all your work on behalf of the 302. 
    Remember the unusual forward engine room was "turned around" with the generators at front of compartment and throttle station at rear.  The designers unworkable idea was that we would need only one throtleman, working through hatch to both engine rooms to start and shut down.  Result was long long electrical cables in fwd eng room and by 1958 we had grounds a batch....sigh. and we still needed two throttlemen on watch.
    Oh by the way, I was the conning officer that spotted the stuff that got Captain Masik his medal - small world, ain't it.  Am turning 81 next month and still keeping a bubble in bow bouyancy.  Best regards, Denver
    30 Aug 2009
    From: Dennis Weller
    Yes, I served on Sabalo in 1962.  She was my first boat. I was a sonarman striker when I left Sabalo for Cusk-348 where I completed my qualifications.  Eventually I ended up on the Kamehameha SSBN-642.

    Now I own a B&B in Costa Rica that specializes in accommodations and concierge services Dental Tourists.


    Here is my offer to all submarine sailors whoever or wherever you may happen to be:


    If you ever come to Costa Rica, I will put you up for a night or two in Maridean's B&B, for free and including breakfast.  If you want to stay longer, I will give you a special discount.


    You can check out Maridean�s B&B at


    We got focused on Medical and Dental Tourists because we like helping folks that come to CR for health care.  We came to Costa Rica for health care and we know quite a lot about it.  We can probably answer most of your questions.  If you would like to talk by phone please call my USA toll free number. 1-877-410-1944  I generally answer the phone.


    Be Well and Live Long,


    Dennis Weller, Owner

    Maridean's B&B

    877-410-1944 or 2458-1300


    PS I met a gringo here that has an incredible house for sale.  If you help me find a buyer there could be a very generous finder's fee for you.  There are no real estate licenses here so there is no agency enforcing what someone can give you for a finder's fee.  The house is presented at and the sales commission is $70,000 US.  I have a written agreement with the seller.  Everything is in order and the property is owned by a CR holding corporation. It's easy to own a home or a corporation in CR.
    24 Jul 09
    From: Charlie Darrell
    I apologize for not answering sooner. I've been trying to decide whether I could add the Sabalo Reunion (and perhaps a couple of days of the USSVI Convention) to my extended travels this fall. Ultimately, I've had to decide not to attend, even knowing the risk that we may not have another Reunion. 

    I’ll be on a 31-day cruise along the Asian rim on SS Volendam (“WestPac”…!) starting from Seattle on 24 Sept. I already have two complications to my sked:


    ·         I’ll be attending the USS Charr reunion 18-20 Sept in Portland and then driving up to Seattle. (I was CO of Charr 65-67.)

    ·         After I leave the cruise ship in Hong Kong, I’ll be touring Yunnan Province in SW China for about 10 days, and then, en route home, I’ll be visiting on the West Coast for a couple of days during the second week in November.


    If I go out to the coast on the 13th of Sept, that adds 5 days to my trip and makes the total trip two months. (It already seems to be expensive enough!). It would likely be even more complicated than that, because if I were to go to San Diego, I’d probably spend at least a couple of days at the USSVI Convention.


    Anyway, I’m going to have to regret this Reunion, even tho’ it was my qual boat, and take a rain check, hoping that there will be a "next one." 

    4 Apr 09
    Re: Carl Smith
    Carl had a stroke September 2008 and will be unable to attend the reunion but does enjoy hearing from shipmates and getting the latest news from the web site. I will keep Carl abreast of any news. Kathy Smith (dau of Carl Smith)
    4 Apr 2009
    From: Jim Braun
    James Braun is alive and well here In Kalispell Mt. By the way I have a new online business " Montana Mystique Fly Shop   Check it  out.
    29 Mar 2009
    From: Howard Venezia
    Hi Jeff,
         Regret Barb and I won’t be attending this year’s SABALO reunion.  Barb convinced me that an Hawaiian sojourn  would “be a better way to vacation”.  I’m inclined to agree with her…but I’ll miss the golf outing a bunch!
         We’re doing fine playing Colorado skiers and just being wise old folks in the sleepy little town of Winter Park.  Happily, we’ve been visited by kids and grandkids and their friends…and still had enough “comp lift tickets” to keep everyone’s ski-costs at a manageable level. 
         For those old SABALO shipmates who knew me as a part-time sketcher and knife maker, I’m still at it and am attaching a shot of the last sheath knife I’ve built; blade from a Stihl chainsaw blade, hilt and guard from moose antler (not for sale),  and a water color of a pronghorn.  Please let them also know that I illustrated a book for a friend; “Coaching Kids; All Sports” by Frank Watts (an ex Army guy…but a good friend of mine).  The book goes for only $8 retail…but I’ve got a free copy or two for deserving ol’ SABALO types.
         Hope you folks have a ball at the Reunion.  We’ll be thinking of you from Waikiki.  Thanks for putting these Reunions on, Jeff.  Keep having fun!
    Howard Venezia  ’54-’57 (ETSN-ET 1(SS))
    26 Mar 2009
    From: John P. Wood (CO)
    Hi Jeff.  Sorry for the delay in replying to your reunion dope sheet, but my paperwork filing is below par - quite a bit below - exceeds test depth most of the time.  Can't find anything.  I really miss YEO!  Your efforts are much appreciated.  I'm doubtful that I'll be able to attend, but I appreciate the newsletters and will peruse the web site on a more regular basis.  The town will be filled with submariners during that period, but I never did join SUBVETS.

    I never served with a finer crew than Sabalo's during 1968-69.  However, the Wardroom never could figure out the strategy in the raging card game, at the time, EUCHRE!  I retired in 1973 in Hawaii, spent the next 21 years here working in Real Estate where I met my wife Pam in 1975.  We both retired for good in 1994.  We rented out our home and bought a motor home that year, planning a 1 to 2 year hiatus on the Mainland.  It lasted 12 years of nearly full-time traveling.  We reluctantly sold our Winnebago an returned to our home in Hawaii.  RV's are a piece of cake for former submariners, and they even have windows.
    4 Mar 2009
    From: Ron Scott
    I can report being well retired but busier than ever.  Following a twenty-year Navy career ending at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard in '75 and a twenty-one year career in the Navy Junior ROTC Program ending in '96, I am now kept busy as the national chair of the Veterans and Military Families for Progress (VMFP) Government Affairs Committee.  Our website is, and we are actively engaged in pursuing legislation and supporting legislators who support the interests of veterans and military families.  During the 110th Congress, we endorsed 97 bills (68 House, 29 Senate) which resulted in six laws enacted.  Included were the Joshua Omvig Veterans Suicide Prevention Act, the Wounded Warrior Assistance Act, and the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act (21st Century GI Bill).  Currently-endorsed bills in the 111th Congress are listed on our website.  We welcome veterans and family members who wish to join in promoting the interests of those who have served and their families.
    Ronald D. Scott
    LCDR, USN (Ret.)

    7 Mar 2008
    From: Don Crawford, Clarkston, WA
    HI JEFF,    The only communication we have had before was when you mailed me a couple of times and I telephoned you once and sent you some pictures. The reason why is as I told you at that time I had a Computer but had never been on line. Well now I'm on line as you can see. My email address is
        I have visited the web site for the boat several times and went through all that I could find there. It's all very interesting and the pictures great. Some I recognized from when I was on board. I don't have anything more or new to tell you at this time, so will leave off.
    27 Feb 2008
    From: Gerald ( Jerry ) Pratt
    Hi, I was looking at the roster of crew members and noticed I am incorrectly listed. The site has my name as George L Pratt, it should be Gerald L Pratt.
    I went from the Sabalo to the Carbonero SS 337 to finish my active duty.
    I retired last year after 45 years as a longshoreman in the Port of Tacoma, my wife and I also own a 50 bed home for mentally challenged in Puyallup, Washington.
    We spend our time now traveling and being "grandparents"( 8 ). Until recently we had our own airplane, but I lost my medical, so we sold it. We still have our Harley that we enjoy very much. I enjoy the web site and check it periodically for updates,

    15 Jan 2007
    Subj: Larry Savadkin
    To: John Egan
    His telno is not in service.  Do you have any info on Savadkin to contact him?  He never responded to the reunion invite.

    * * *Larry lives in my tract. The last that I herd was he was in rest home . My last contact with him was 13 months ago and he was getting very demented and did not want to go to Subvets or the base Xmas. party. I will go by his house today and see if I can contact him, I will let you know what I find out.* * *

    ***I checked on Larry and he is in a rest home and his house is for sale. He was a hero for sure and I am glad that I had a opportunity to meet him and visit a few times.
    3 Jan 2007
    Subj: William (wild bill) Cameron
    Got an E-Mail from USS Bashaw about Gene Sojka's death and used to work with Bill at Goodyear as electricians. We had talked of different boats we were on and people we knew. Gene was one that we both knew. I retired 4 years ago and lost touch with Bill, so thought I would let him know about Gene. Unfortunately Bill had passed away 2 years ago of lung cancer. Thought you would like this info. Think you guys are doing a great job keeping us old sub sailors informed.
     <>Roger Ingram, USS Bashaw AGSS 241 and others

    2 Jan 2007
    Subject: Charles R. Clark
    From: Mrs. Jimmie Clark
    Dear Mr. Owens,
    I am writing in regard to the Sabalo Reunion.  My husband, Capt Charles R Clark, USN (ret. dec) was aboard the Sabalo during the period of time, January 1956 to September 1958.  He had just graduated from Sub School so the Sabalo was his first assignment.  The boat was stationed at Pearl Harbor at the time.
    The skippers during this time period were Jack Mahoney and Bill Mazek.  Some of the officers were: Ronald Brodgen, Charles Darrell, Bill Benson,  and one of the COB was Elwin Main.
    I have some patches and plaques from that time period and would be interested to get them to the reunion for anyone who might like to have them.
    Please let me know if there is somewhere I might send them.
    Jimmie Clark
    * * *
    Dear Mrs. Clark,

    Thank you very much for your contact.

    We would very much like to have the artifacts you mention.  There are already some of these and many photographs which have been donated for our crew association to preserve and also enjoy at our gatherings.  Eventually, these items will all be donated to one of the submarine museums for posterity.  We would be glad to reimburse you if needed for any expense to forward the items.  They can be sent to me at: RR 1 Box 1026. Nicholson, PA 18446

    Perhaps you could also provide some more information about your husband for our "Bio" pages.
    see this web page as a sample of what we gather about our shipmates, and the small paragraph about Capt. Clark:
    Also there is missing information on his roster listing at:

    Best wishes,
    Jeff Owens, for the USS Sabalo Crew Association